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Sony Switchers Live Production รุ่น MCX500 Multi-camera live producer

MCX-500 : Multi-camera live producer

The MCX-500 is an affordable, uniquely user-friendly and flexible production switcher that makes it simple for a single operator or small team to produce a broadcast quality live event.

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MCX-500Portable Live Production

Go solo or team work made easy

The MCX-500 makes it easy for a single operator to run a professional live event. Multi-view monitoring puts all your sources on a single display. To keep your eyes on the action, all the main functions are accessible via physical controls that are easy to operate without looking away from the action for a second. More advanced features can be tuned to your exact workflow requirements and mapped to an LCD touchscreen control with customisable ICON buttons. You can even remote operate or extend the control functions of the MCX-500 via PC, Mac or Tablet over Ethernet or WiFi*.

*External WiFi router required.

Smart controls with configurable LCD touchscreen

If you’re running the show on your own, you need controls that suit the way you work – intuitive and yet somehow also fully featured. The MCX-500 achieves this by carefully thought out physical controls that you will find easy to operate without looking away from the action for a second.

More advanced features can be tuned to your exact workflow requirements and mapped to an LCD touchscreen control with easily recognisable ICON buttons. Trigger the sophisticated effects you’ve pre-defined with a single touch on a user-defined ICON. It’s a robust, user-friendly system that’s easily extended to bring in additional team members as productions grow.

Mix between 8 video sources + 1 Title (total 9 inputs)

The switcher is designed to expand your operations for full control of a multi-camera shoot. There is no need to worry about swapping out inputs during a production – the MCX-500 features no less than 8 video inputs (plus dedicated Title input) to easily accommodate any small-to-medium sized production. Inputs include professional 3G-SDI (x4), standard HDMI (x2) and even composite video (x2), allowing you to connect a wide variety of cameras and other equipment. A dedicated RGB Title input allows you to connect a PC or Mac to use as a dedicated source of titles for your production.

Advanced titles and effects

The MCX-500 allows you easily to create advanced video effects such as Chroma key, transitions and PinP (Picture in Picture).


Cut, Mix and Wipe effects allow you to select the pattern, timing and more of each transition. The switcher lets you set-up your transitions beforehand or do it manually on the fly. You can also easily add effects and titles with a one-button operation both before or after a transition.

Chroma key

Superimpose a presenter over a background video or static image with pin-sharp accuracy using chroma key technology developed for Sony’s MVS Series broadcast switchers.

PinP (Picture in Picture)

To insert a second picture into your main footage, simply choose its size and position, then push live.

Insert and overlay titles

Down-stream key (DSK) function will automatically erase the white background and overlay the title for you. A dedicated RGB (DSK) computer input allows you instant access to titles stored on an external computer to overlay onto your video, freeing up your other eight inputs for camera.

Overlay Logo

Your logo data can be uploaded from an SD card and using the logo function you can overlay the graphic on the screen.

*Logo function requires version 2.0 firmware.

All on-screen graphics simulated, for illustration purposes only.

Manual transition

For complete control over transition effects, select this option and use interactive slider to make the transition effects as quick or slow as you like.

Requires version 2.0 firmware.

MCX-500Portable Live Production

  • General
    Power requirement
    DC 12V, Approx. 23W
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    362 × 43.5 × 206 mm (Approx.)
    Approx. 2.1 kg
  • System
    Video format
    1080/59.94i Hz (60i)
    1080/50i Hz (50i)
  • Streaming
    AVC/RTMP (Ustream)
  • Recording
    Memory Stick ProDuo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, Memory Stick XC-HG, SD, SDHC, SDXC memoy cards (Class 4 or higher)
  • Video switcher
    Input : 8 Primary Video inputs + Title, 4 Channel
    1 M/E + 2 Keyer (1 x PinP, 1 x Title)
    Output : PGM Output, Multi View Output
    Key Type
    Luminance Key / Chroma key
  • Audio mixer
    Input: Analog Stereo (x1) / Stereo Embedded Audio inputs (x4)
    Mixing: Stereo Mixing (x5)
    Output: PGM (Stereo) (x1)

Video input

BNC (x4), 75 Ω, 3G SDI/HD/SD
SMPTE 292M/259M/424M/425M
Type A (x2)
(720×480/576p, 1280x720p, 1920x1080i/p)
  • VIDEO input
VIDEO: 1.0 Vp-p 75 Ω, negative sync
D-Sub Shrink 15-pin (x1) (Female)
RGB (1600×1200)
  • Video output
BNC (x1, PGM) 75 Ω, 1.5 Gbps, 270 Mbps
HDMI (Type A) (x1, PGM) (720×480/576p, 1280x720p, 1920x1080i/p)
HDMI (Type A) (x1, Multi View) (720×480/576p, 1280x720p, 1920x1080i/p)

VIDEO output

BNC (x1)
VIDEO: 1.0 Vp-p 75 Ω, negative sync
  • Audio input
    Embedded audio input
    SDI/HDMI  16bit, Sampling;48HKHz
    Analog input
    XLR/TRS Combo Type ( (CH-1, CH-2) )
  • Audio output
    Embedded audio output
    SDI/HDMI  16bit, Sampling;48HKHz
    Analog output
    Phono jack (CH-1, CH-2)
    Stereo mini jack (x1)
  • Other interface
    RJ-45 (x2, PC UI Streaming),
    100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T
    USB Type-miniB (x1)
    φ3.5mm jack (x1)
    D-Sub 9-pin (x1) (male)

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