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สาย FiiO รุ่น RC-UX1 headphone cable

FIIO RC-UX1 Headphone Cable

As FiiO rightly mentioned, “make the change with one tiny wire”, the FiiO RC-UX1 is indeed a top of the notch extension cable that is compatible with all kind of headphones.


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เหลือสินค้าจำนวน 2

FIIO RC-UX1 Headphone Cable

Built to Endure

The wire incorporates a four-layer construct that not only makes it one of the best in its niche,

but also gives them perfection beyond the ordinary. The outermost layer is a TPE sheath,

with a PCOCC-A (26/0.122) shielding layer underneath it. The PFA insulating layer on the other hands wraps around the PCOCC-A (3/20/0.082 AWG23) conductor.

The entire four layer together makes an outer diameter of 2.4mm×2. Both the 3.5 mm straight male plug and the 3.5 mm straight female plug are gold plated copper, adding to their exclusivity and hi-tech functionality. The PCOCC grade copper wire, characterized by high purity offers great conductivity and long usage time, while maintaining softness.


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FIIO RC-UX1 Headphone Cable

  • Length: 100cm
    Sheath: TPE
    Shielding braid: PCOCC-A (26 / 0.12 × 2)
    Insulating layer: PFA
    Lead driver: PCOCC-A (3/20 / 0.08 × 2 AWG23) by Oyaide
    Outer diameter: 2.4 mm × 2 (parallel structure)
    Jack: 3.5mm Copper Plated Gold 24K

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