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สาย FiiO รุ่น LC-2.5C สายอัพเกรดหูฟังขั้ว MMCX

FiiO LC-2.5C MMCX Sliver-Plated HiFi Earphone Cable

Hand-Woven, 8-stranded High-Purity Monocrystalline Sliver-Plated Copper Earphone Cables.


เหลือสินค้าจำนวน 2


เหลือสินค้าจำนวน 2

FiiO LC-2.5C MMCX Sliver-Plated HiFi Earphone Cable

The quality of a cable is determined by its materials

All three headphone cables are made of 8 carefully-woven strands of high-purity monocrystalline sliver-plated copper(OCC). Each 0.95mm strand consists of 19 different wires, for a total of 152 wires in the entire cable. The transparent TPU sheath with material imported from Germany not only ensures audio signals are transmitted with the utmost fidelity free from external interference, but also allows anyone to easily appreciate the meticulous craftmanship of the cable.

A simple way to get better sounding music

As a MMCX cable, the LC-2.5C/3.5C/4.4C is an easy to way to noticeably upgrade the sound of your current earphones. With this series of cable, you can expect smoother and less harsh treble, significantly increased detail, and vocals with clarity you never thought possible, Experience a clear, yet warmly inviting sound.

Comfort and ergonomics is of utmost importance

The three earphone cables are meant to be worn over-the-ear, with a heat-shrinkable curved ear guide designed to fit snugly to most human ears for a stable, yet comfortable fit.

Wire and body in sync

The blue (for left channel) and red (for right channel) markings at the MMCX connectors are designed so that you can easily tell which earphone to plug into which connector. And when paired with the right earphones, the red and blue markings on the cable can be an extra stylish touch with those earphones, All of these seemingly minor details add up to a greatly enhanced experience in using the cable.


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  • Plug Type: 2.5 mm balanced
  • Plug Shape: L-shaped
  • Plug Color: Titanium

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