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สาย FiiO รุ่น LC-2.5BS สายอัพเกรดหูฟังขั้ว MMCX Earphone

FiiO LC-2.5BS MMCX Earphone

The earphone cable consists of 8 strands of 24 0.05mm copper-plated silver wires each, all encased within a sheath that allows the cable to be resilient yet flexible. The cable is designed so that the core wires are effectively shielded from external interferences, distortion is reduced, microphonics is minimized.


เหลือสินค้าจำนวน 2


เหลือสินค้าจำนวน 2

FiiO LC-2.5BS MMCX Earphone

Improved MMCX connector

the MMCX connectors used on the LC-3.5BS has been slightly modified to make it both easier to attach and more likely to stay in. But this doesn’t mean incompatibility with current MMCX earphones – the çC-3.5BS can still be used with most earphone models to give them some new life!

Extremely Robust Gold-Plating

Both the MMCX connector and 3.5mm plug are gold-plated, leading to lower resistance and lower impedance.

A cable that fits just right

The around-the-ear design ensures your earphone will fit snugly and securely, while the 45cm length of the cable is just right, allowing you t avoid the mess of long wires especially when out and about.


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LC-2.5BS MMCX Earphone

  • Headphone plug: 3.5 single-ended
    Plug type: L-shaped gold-plated plug
  • Core material: 8 strands of 24 0.05mm high purity copper-plated silver wires
  • Length: 45cm

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